What Is Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking?

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) is a form of Human Trafficking involving minors. Specifically, it is the sexual exploitation of an individual minor (under 18 years of age) for commercial financial gain or in exchange for anything of value (such as drugs, food or housing) within the domestic United States. DMST includes physical abuse, pornography, prostitution, erotic type entertainment, stripping and the smuggling of individuals. The exchange of something of value be it monetary or other, is what distinguishes DMST from other forms of child abuse.

Human Trafficking in all its forms is an enormously complex issue. Its eradication requires a multi-faceted battle strategy that incorporates preventative actions, such as awareness, prevention, and rescue, as well as the prosecution of perpetrators, and the protection and restoration of victims. It is not enough to focus on victims and their traffickers; we must address the ocean of demand—both sexual and monetary—that feeds this atrocity.

It is a commonly held belief that slavery was abolished 150 years ago, reality reveals that more people live in slavery today than in any time in human history. Its impact is felt in every nation across the world with some victims being exported across borders to other nations, some nations being destination countries for victims from other countries, and many victims being trafficked within their home country. It does not require transport of movement of victims as some victims are sold within their own homes by their own families.