September Trible

Executive Director

As a wife, mother, and business owner, September has dedicated her life to fighting the exploitation of women. After surviving childhood molestation and date-rape, September started her journey as an advocate after coming to terms with her own exploitation. As September journeyed down the road of recovery and healing, she was blessed with the opportunity to be a foster parent. During this time, she attended a WMU women’s conference addressing the reality of sex trafficking in the US. Because of her past abuse and love for her children, she was further driven to take action and raise awareness about the reality of sex trafficking in the US. Not only did she advocate for those who needed help by becoming a foster parent, she also became a certified trainer of foster parents to touch more lives. She later began advocating for victims of domestic abuse. After learning about US Sex Trafficking, she became an Educational Liaison Volunteer with Exodus Cry and went on be a member of the founding board of KC Street Hope, where she remains an active participant in their advisory board. As an advocate who believes strongly in the importance of prevention, September is also a Certified Prevention Presenter for KCaware, a branch of KC Street Hope that provides educational and prevention training to schools, law enforcement agencies, communities, and organizations.

September and her husband, Scott, have a blended family consisting of nine children and are currently blessed with eight grandchildren! They are active members of their church and are called to serve the greater Kansas City area as their Mission Field.

Christine McDonald

Director of Advocacy. Outreach, and Curriculum

Christine is an internationally recognized author and speaker on the social injustices facing under-served populations today. As a survivor of human trafficking, homelessness, and addiction, Christine – now blind as a result of a disease that forced her to choose between her unborn child and her eyesight – is on a mission to bring justice and awareness to the forefront of social change through education and unconditional love. Completely blind and eternally vigilant, today Christine uses her life experience and education to work as an advocate for trafficking victims, the homeless, recovering addicts, ex-offenders and disabled populations.

Christine is a proud mom of her 11 year old son and practices a loving open adoption with her daughter’s adoptive parents. Christine is the author of Cry Purple: One Woman’s Journey through Homelessness, Crack Addiction and Prison to Blindness, Motherhood and Happiness. Her newest book, “The Same Kind of Human: Seeing the marginalized and Exploited through Eyes of Love and Compassion” was recently released. She is the founder of Christine’s Vision and has been featured locally and nationally on various media outlets, including NBC, CBS, FOX and NPR and most recently an interview on Missouri Viewpoints. Christine also sits on multiple local, state-wide and international level boards and committees, and is the recipient of the 2015 Mental Health Champions’ Award for Addiction Disorders.

Christine's Vision
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