R|H Farms

a place to call home

Long-term residential housing for survivors of human trafficking.

In May 2019, RHGKC took possession of a donated property on 5-acres, just 30 minutes outside of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. This donated property includes a home, a church and a metal building. On this property, RHGKC will expand capacity for adult women survivors from its current 5 to a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 40.

This begins a new journey for RHGKC, called R|H Farms, and works toward the proportionate response warranted by the ever increasing epidemic of human sex trafficking in the U.S. Adjacent to the 5-acres are thousands of acres of farmland, from which, 40+/- acres will be acquired, for the expanded development of R|H Farms: A Restoration Community, where capacity will increase further to 150-300 adult women and 50-100 minor girl survivors of human sex trafficking.

In doing so, R|H Farms will serve as the nation’s largest long-term residential housing and most comprehensive programs and services for adult women and minor girl survivors of human sex trafficking. Survivors from across the U.S. will be able to reside at R|H Farms, much like a woman would attend a college or university, being afforded the time, space and individualized care, instruction and therapies necessary to become healthy, self-sustaining, significant contributors to society.